Nice Strangers Explora ︎ Radio Raheem / Netil Radio

Monthly Broadcast
Radio Raheem (Milan) / Netil Radio (London)
2018 - 2019 / 2019 - 2020

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Nice Strangers Explora tells the story behind some of the most interesting independent music labels of these days.

One-to-one interviews with the curators of the labels are combined with a selection of tracks picked from their releases. Among the labels that Nice Strangers ‘explored’ in the past years there are Stroom, RVGNT Intl., Honest Jon’s Records, Discrepant, Artetetra, Music From Memory, Kraak and Opal Tapes.

After moving to London in August 2019, Nice Strangers has started hosting her show on Netil Radio, with interviews to Kit Records, Aguirre Records, La Vida Es Un Mus.